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Hardhat - BuildBear

Hardhat - BuildBear lets you create your own private testnet Sandbox, (optional) forked from the mainnet, with your own Native and ERC20 Token faucet and blockchain Explorer from your CLI.

🐻 Features of Hardhat - BuildBear​

Create your Private Testnet Sandbox​


Use your personal Native & ERC20 Token Faucet​


Use your personal Explorer with built-in Transaction Trace​


🏄‍♂️ Quick Start​

1️⃣ Clone/fork Hardhat-Buildbear:​

git clone

2️⃣ Install dependencies​

cd Hardhat-BuildBear
npm install

3️⃣ Create your private testnet Sandbox(forked from the mainnet):​

npm run createTestnet

Once the Testnet is live, its RPC, Explorer and Faucet details are added to the testnet.json file

4️⃣ To Deploy the Greeter.sol smart contract​

npx hardhat run scripts/deploy-greeter.js

5️⃣ To Run the Test script Greeter-Test.js​

npx hardhat test

💬 Support Chat

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